The Plan is accompanied by four other documents, namely:

  • Local Development Scheme (LDS) – setting out the timetable for, and describing the nature of, the planning documents that will be produced as part of the Local Plan. You can see the LDS by clicking here;
  • Sustainability Appraisal (SA) – assessing the likely economic, social and environmental effects of the Plan’s provisions to ensure that it achieves ‘sustainable development’. You can see more information on the SA by clicking here;
  • Annual Monitoring Report (AMR) – assessing whether the Plan is achieving its objectives, and whether the production milestones set out in the Local Development Scheme are being met. You can see our recent AMRs by clicking here; and
  • Statement of Community Involvement (SCI) – setting out who will be consulted and how, at each stage of the Plan’s preparation. You can see the SCI by clicking here.