What do we do?

The Committee is preparing a Local Plan for South East Lincolnshire. The Plan is intended to reflect the vision and aspirations of the local community, and to deal effectively with the issues facing the area. It has many roles, including:

  • identifying those areas of land that will be need to be developed for housing, shops, or employment uses in order to meet the area’s needs up to 2036;
  • identifying those areas of land which must be protected from development – perhaps because of their historic or environmental importance;
  • co-ordinating the provision of infrastructure and local facilities;
  • deciding the appropriate response to the big issues facing the area, e.g. flood risk; and
  • setting out policies against which planning applications can be judged.

The Plan is based upon relevant evidence about the area’s characteristics and future prospects. Our evidence base can be seen on the Evidence Base pages of this site.

The likely  impacts of the Plan’s policies and proposals upon the environment, the economy, and the community have been considered by a Sustainability Appraisal (SA). The SA can be seen on the Documents page of this site.