Further Main Modifications

Public consultation on Further Main Modifications

Between 16th July and 28th August 2018, we invited representations on proposed Main Modifications to the Publication Version of the South East Lincolnshire Local Plan 2011-2036. You can see the details of this consultation and the responses to it by clicking here.

Two Further Main Modifications are now considered to be necessary. They are set out in the Schedule of Further Main Modifications which can be seen below, and the Schedule is accompanied by:

  • A consolidated Sustainability Appraisal, which assesses the likely economic, social and environmental effects of the Plan’s provisions, including those arising from the Further Main Modifications; and
  • A Habitats Regulations Assessment, which considers the modified Plan’s potential impacts on European wildlife sites; and
  • An Equality Impact Assessment, which considers the potential impact of the modified Plan on different groups of people within the community.

Representations are invited on the Further Main Modifications and the documents that accompany them between Friday 30th November 2018 and 5PM on Monday 14th January 2019.

Comments can be made only on the Further Main Modifications and accompanying documents. This is not an opportunity to comment on other matters set out in the Submitted Plan or the proposed Main Modifications consultation, as these have already been considered by the Inspectors. Representations cannot be treated in confidence and will be made publicly available via this website (personal information such as addresses, telephone numbers or e-mail addresses will not be published)

You can see the Habitats Regulations Assessments which have accompanied the Local Plan through all its stages by clicking here.

You can see the Equality Impact Assessments which have accompanied the Local Plan through all its stages by clicking here.