Local Plans can have major social, economic and environmental effects, and it is therefore important that their policies and proposals should be very well justified. Consequently, they must be founded on a robust, credible and up-to-date evidence base about the characteristics of the area. However, given that every area will have a unique set of circumstances, and every Local Plan will be dealing with unique challenges, there is no such thing as a ‘standard’ evidence base – the evidence to underpin any individual Plan must be relevant and proportionate to the job it is undertaking.

The pages that follow set out the evidence base for the South East Lincolnshire Local Plan – the studies, reports and assessments that provide the justification for its emerging policies and proposals. The evidence base will evolve over time, and many of the studies and reports that comprise it will be the subject of consultation in their own right.

Below, you can view the existing Plans covering South East Lincolnshire: